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Morning Sex :)

Morning Sex :)
26 Feb 13 at 12 pm

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this exhibit looks fking AMAZING!  i wish i could see it.
i want to focus on one piece that i’ve been getting a lot of email about:

There has been some confusion about the G-Spot and the fact that people orgasm without touching the (external) clitoris.  

I think what Cliteracy is getting at is that the vagina itself does not cause orgasm.  The orgasmic feelings coming from vaginal penetration are caused by the indirect stimulation of the internal clitoris (the clitoris is much larger than the little nub above the vagina!)

as well as the pleasurable glands surrounding the urinary tract (the sea-weedy looking things).

This pleasurable area, located 1-2 inches inside of the vagina on the wall closest to your bellybutton, is commonly called “The G Spot”.  Some people can orgasm from it, others can’t.  Having a really intense G-Spot orgasm is on the less common side.  What is common is orgasm from proper stimulation of the external clitoris, so don’t neglect it! :)  

(Check out the CLITical Thinking episode on Sex+ for more info on the clit!  The male and female “G-Spots” will be covered soon.)

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trying this  next time i get to fuck.

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trying this  next time i get to fuck.


HIV is not a crime. Fight Stigma!

on this week’s sex+, we’re talking about all the bad stuff people think about people with STDs
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Asked by Anonymous

asker if you could recommend one sex position that's "out of the ordinary" or not usually done, what would it be? my boyfriend and I have been playing and experimenting, and I love getting other people's opinions on which ones to do. :)

the wheelbarrow is one that’s sort of “out of the ordinary” i think and one i’ve been wanting to try  :) it looks like fun so try it out!
 pretty much looks like this lol 

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Favorite Lesbian Scenes (x)

From: Lesbian Babysitters 4

Natasha Nice and Grace Glam are definitely heating things up in this little gem. I admit to being a little biased for this pick as Natasha Nice is my go to girl for lesbian porn nowadays, but I can’t help myself. The build up is nice, foreplay is sensual, and it’s a bit of that “first time lesbian experience” taboo. Enjoy. 

i’ve gotten off to this a few times :3 i actually find these girls very attractive ^_~ and they sound pretty hott.

-and when you go to the doctor they always only test you for about 4 or 5 of them.
-not all test results are accurate.
-most STIs don’t show symptoms. You could have a lot of them for years without even knowing it.
-condoms dont protect from all STIs. 
be careful when you/who you are going to commit sexual acts (with). about half of the people who get STIs annually are in their teens and up to 24 years of age. over 14 billion dollars are spent each year on STi related medical care.

i googled “list of STI’s” and i found a list of all of the ones considered as such
here it is:

1. bacterial vaginosis
2. chancroid
3. chlamydia
4. donovanosis
5. gonorrhea
6. lymphogranuloma venereum
7. mycoplasma, genital
8. syphilis
9. treponematosis, endemic

10. lice, pubic
11. scabies
12. candidiasis, vulvovaginal

13. amebiasis
14. cryptosporidium
15. giardiasis
16. trichomoniasis

17. cytomegalovirus
18. Epstein Barr virus
19. hepatitis A
20. hepatitis B
21. hepatitis C
22. hepaptitis D
23. herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2)
24. human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
25. human papillomavirus (HPV)
26. human T-cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1)
27. molluscum contagiosum 

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